Tips on Renting Band Equipment

The time comes when you need band equipment rental service to support your gig venture. Either you’re starting out and needs a performance-worthy instrument or you have logistics problem and needs to rent, whatever the case all performers may come across the need to rent band equipment.


If you’re a musician, you will never really know when you’ll need to rent a band equipment. Whether you’re starting out and needs a performance-worthy instrument or even if you already have your own but experiences unexpected problems prior to a gig, finding a quality and dependable band equipment rental is an absolute lifesaver.

However, you can only satisfy your expectations if you will put enough attention on renting a band equipment. To help you here are some useful tips and advice to guide you in finding the best band equipment for rent.

6 Band Equipment Rental Tips that You Must Know

Follow Your Luxury

When renting musical instruments, it pays to follow your luxury. If you want to have that 60s blues bass, get a ‘63 Precision Bass or an Epiphone Viola bass. Don’t skimp on renting the music instrument you play, or else compromise the sound of your band. Hence, when looking for band equipment rental services, only go to suppliers that offer branded instruments.

Inspect the Instruments

After choosing the brand of band equipment you want to rent, make sure to inspect the condition of the unit If it is a string instrument, check the action and setup. For percussion, inspecting the condition is quite easier. Of course, you can check the “real” condition of the instrument through its sound quality.


Now that you’re sure that the instrument is in mint condition, the next thing you want to check is it’s “feel” and sound to know if it is suited to your taste and according to the requirement of your band. Testing the equipment is also crucial to ensure that you won’t fall into any problem when in the middle of a performance.

Ask About Other Services Offered



Let’s face the fact, accidents happen. When you’re high with the song you’re playing, chances are you may accidentally break the snare head. At times, even when you’re careful in using the band equipment, unexpected damages still occur. As such, it is important to talk to theband equipment rental supplierabout their damage policy and how you can negotiate if ever it doesn’t sound good to you.

Treat the Instrument as if Your Own.

Lastly, keep in mind that as a renter, it is important to be courteous and treat the instrument as your own. As a musician, it is expected of you to take care of the instrument you only rented, especially when it is the best instrument you never had. Not only will it help you avoid fines, treating the instrument as your own also earns you a good renter reputation–and possibly, a discount for your next transaction with the supplier!

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